Here I'll compile my notes, projects, and homework problems that I find useful. Hopefully you find them useful as well!


General Physics Notes (click for dropdown)
Intro to Dark Matter

Gravitational Lensing Overview

Gaussian Integrals in QFT

Lorentz Group Representations + Spinors

Jeans Analysis and Virial Theorem

Probability for Theorists

Kinetic Recoupling of Dark Matter

Scalar Yukawa + QED Triangle Diagrams (Toy model for Higgs to photons)


Thermal History of the Universe

Group Theory For Physicists

Subgroups and Decomposition

Equivalency Classes (aka Conjugacy Classes)

Representations and Reducibility



Problem Set 1: Inverse Propagator, Generating Functionals, Green Function EOM, Exact Feynman Propagator in Coordinate Space * My solution set 1


Final Presentation: The Strong CP Problem

Quantum Mechanics
Problem Set 1: Intro Topics * My solution set 1

Problem Set 2: Uncertainty * My solution set 2

Problem Set 3: Spin 1/2 in magnetic field * My solution set 3

Problem Set 4: Choerent States of SHO * My solution set 4

Problem Set 5: Potential Barrier, Particle in Box with Delta Function, Imaginary Potential * My solution set 5

Problem Set 6: Unitary Matrices, Electron-Positron Pair in B field * My solution set 6

Problem Set 7: Spherically Symmetric Potentials * My solution set 7

Problem Set 8: Angular Momentum * My solution set 8

- Computational Physics

In undergraduate I made a smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulation in MATLAB (thankfully, I think my MATLAB days are in the past). Check out the demos here